Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Born in the Mouth of an Angel

I've recently taken another look at a short story I published at the beginning of the year: Born in the Mouth of  an Angel. It spent some time on the blog up for free and it had been selling on sites for a while. But I wasn't happy with what it was. I've taken another look at the story idea and decided to develop it further.

It's become a four book series. I tried serializing the first book but it wasn't working out the way I'd intended so while you can find the first section of the first book free on some retailer sites, the series is published as four normal novels.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I think we like to complicate things when really it's quite simple. Find what makes you happy and who makes you happy and you're set.

This is my thought of the week. When you boil it down to this, life really doesn't seem as complicated. Sure, all the goals and worries and milestones you're waiting for are still there but taking a quick snapshot of your life in black and white can help put things in perspective. It certainly brightened up my perspective!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Swamp Witches

Left by parents she can't remember, Maga is given to the swamp witch to live a life of safe isolation. 

Maga's story is finished, or potentially just started. The Swamp Witches is a series of short stories featuring Maga as she grows up. The free short, Swamp Familiars is part of The Swamp Witches so if you aren't sure, go ahead and click on the tab at the top or head to one of the ebook stores for a free taster of Maga!