Thursday, 12 April 2012

April 12th

Finally back on the horse after an extended Easter break. Managed my 5,000 words yesterday, a minor miracle since I finished 'A Swamp of Bones'. I've also managed to write the promotional short story for the series and started up the second book. So much going on but struggling to keep focused, the sun's finally out and it's so hard to resist! And there's always a mind melt over how much editing happened in the last novel. I can hardly face it so I haven't touched the novella I've been done with for almost a week. It's scary knowing that's waiting in the wings!

Also, went to Hunger Games movie over the weekend. I fully expected to dislike it and chose it only because everything else was an hour away. Loved it. Loved the movie and spent all of tuesday reading the second and third book. They were so amazing and most amazing of all, they didn't frighten me into stopping my writing. Everyone get intimidated by the amazing authors out there and sometimes that can really slow me down. Not this week though! Maybe sunshine has magical powers....maybe there's a story hidden in there...

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