Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Publishing is Broken

Forbes has just published an interesting article on Publishing, both the Traditional side and the Indie side. You should definitely have a look. Essentially, David Vinjamuri is coming down on the side of Indie Publishing, seeing it as a positive growth in Publishing instead of a nasty phenomenon that's destroying books. With viewpoints from both traditional and indie authors, Vinjamuri notes the pros and cons of each and decides that Indie is only here to stay, and get better. He makes some interesting predictions for the future, some of which I can definitely see coming true.

What I really find interesting is how legitimate Indie Publishing is becoming in mainstream culture. Some Indie authors are leading the way, making it cool instead of pathetic and people have definitely noticed. While it isn't entirely respectable to some people, I can see it only growing more so, the way it did in music.

It was an interesting read at the very least and thanks to Dean Wesley Smith for pointing it out!

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