Friday, 21 November 2014

Focus, focus.... FOCUS!

I'm really bad at focusing on more than one thing at a time. Two is roughly possible and three is just something that never happens. Possibly it's a lack of self-discipline. Maybe I'm lazy. It's hard for me to say.

When I was younger, I would go through months-long cycles of focus. I loved reading, drawing and writing. Deep in one cycle, I couldn't make myself give much, if any, attention to the other two. There was no interest there at all. Sometimes this would worry me, what if I stopped reading or drawing or writing altogether??

Now that I'm older, not much else has changed. Of course I have to have some adult focuses in my life now so the cycles I go through aren't as deep as they used to be. I can't be completely consumed with reading to the exclusion of all else.

And I've chosen to make writing my main focus out of the three loves. But even this goes through cycles. I'm trying to train for a marathon (anyone who knows me knows this is highly ridiculous) and I'm struggling with day job issues. Writing has taken a back seat to both of these.

While away on a holiday, when I had scads of time to write and didn't manage much at all, worrying over the state of my marathon training, I realized I needed to refocus. Of course this had led to my running falling off.

Surely other people have trouble focusing too? I couldn't imagine doing any of this with a family or others depending on me. Reading inspirational messages or butt-kicking blogs have helped me maintain some focus and try to recommit but maybe this is a cycle too and I'm just on the upward ride of the ferris wheel.

And then maybe it's like that awesome quote from Zig Ziglar... "People say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing- that's why we recommend it daily."

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