Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hater's Gonna Hate

Since I’ve started writing and indie publishing, I’ve spent most of my time around people who are excited for me. It was a big decision to make, to leave the 9-to-5 behind and take a risk. But the support has been amazing and slightly unexpected. I’ve also spent a lot of time researching indie publishing and because of that, reading a lot of material which sheds a favorable light on it. So I thought it had become widely accepted.

But since I emerged from that cocoon of people who care and support me, I’ve seen that this isn’t the case. There are people who are interested and excited but more commonly I’ve spoken to people who are condescending and rude about it. They laugh or mock or question me relentless about my life choices, eagerly waiting to hear me try to defend myself.

 All too often, I do try to defend myself. The first time it happened, I was upset about the reaction I got to my harmless answer about ‘What are you up to?’ I spent half an hour explaining why it was viable but still couldn’t convince the skeptic. Since then, I’ve learned it’s easier to avoid these horrible conversations altogether.

 Instead of my previous attempts to answer with some honesty, I’ve now taken to saying ‘nothing’ when asked what I’m doing now with myself. Surprisingly no one’s asked me to defend that answer. It seems that me lazing around and doing nothing is better than focusing my attention on something I care about.

 And while I do still get upset when people think they’re in a position to judge, it dwindles with each occasion. I’m not about to question people's decision to take a nine-to-five or the degree they chose to do in college or their life choices if they're harming no one. So it's hard to have to stand and listen while they think they can question me. But as a friend told me in response to my bewildered anger, 'Hater's gonna hate.' Indeed.

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